The Bedrooms

The master bedroom at the end of the house has tons of natural light. All bedrooms have access to the covered outdoor living space.

The second bedroom.

The third bedroom also serves as the TV and reading room with the built in seating sleeping area.

About Stephen

Stephen Williamson, Lead Investor, Managing Member & Chairman. Stephen brings his brand building experience as former Chairman and CEO of Odwalla, the largest high quality fruit juice company in the US. Stephen spent 8 years on Wall Street at First Boston. Stephen is Chairman of Avenal Land & Oil Company. Stephen graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.
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2 Responses to The Bedrooms

  1. Karen Paul says:

    I really like this house for our property in upstate New York. I love that each room would have a view of the beautiful mountains we face. The only change I would suggest is to split the bedrooms moving the second bedroom and the office/bedroom to where the kitchen is and have the kitchen/dining/ living area central.

    • Stephen says:

      great idea- plans need to reflect their site- 508-1 can easily be changed to centralize the kitchen and living area- the reason we did not do that is the northern view from the kitchen/main room is great and we wanted to have the kitchen/main room nearest the road at the north end

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