Main Room and Covered Walkway

I wonder if a house is ever finished. My own answer is no. But the rooms are livable and we have just passed our final building department inspection. The furnishings are a collection resulting from years of saving things, along with just a few new purchases. If you start looking way ahead you can find deals and save lots of money.

About Stephen

Stephen Williamson, Lead Investor, Managing Member & Chairman. Stephen brings his brand building experience as former Chairman and CEO of Odwalla, the largest high quality fruit juice company in the US. Stephen spent 8 years on Wall Street at First Boston. Stephen is Chairman of Avenal Land & Oil Company. Stephen graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.
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One Response to Main Room and Covered Walkway

  1. Lilea says:

    Thinking of moving this plan to a rural site I would also think about instead of a full verandah to make potentially some or all of the verandah into a greenhouse attached to the home. Rooms open onto a green space that also protects cropping small plants and ornamentals. Hook the watering system into a recycled greywater system for the house. Particularly up the kitchen end of the house it gives access to herbs and also filters cooking odours better than any exhaust fan. (the exhaust fan could actually be ducted into the planted area, as could exhausts from bathrooms).

    Just some ideas to widen the scope of the home.

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