Bathrooms Are Coming Along

The two bathrooms use concrete (floor),  ceramic tiles (shower), and hanging, or cantilevered, cabinets.

We selected white 2″ square DAL tile and had a shelf built in the shower.

The guest bath has a translucent glass door to the covered walkway allowing outdoor access and light while preserving privacy.

The shower pan is incorporated into the slab.

Master bath has a shower and tub. The corner skylight above the tub brings lots of natural light into the room. The window is tight up against the wall.

About Stephen

Stephen Williamson, Lead Investor, Managing Member & Chairman. Stephen brings his brand building experience as former Chairman and CEO of Odwalla, the largest high quality fruit juice company in the US. Stephen spent 8 years on Wall Street at First Boston. Stephen is Chairman of Avenal Land & Oil Company. Stephen graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.
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2 Responses to Bathrooms Are Coming Along

  1. oregonbird says:

    There was a request for commentary for the next build – so I’m chiming in! I think bathrooms are still being built to a very old-fashioned standard. Why not have a double sink set into the wall in the outside corridor, completely available, and a small hand-sink and dressing/make-up station in the bath area? Also, rather than the corridor set away from the patio, have it glassed in and open onto the patio, with the rooms set back – all the advantages of light, with far less security problems, and the homeowner given the option of creating a less-open and more stylisticly-defined room with the use of glass block walls, or shuttering glass on the upper half of the interior walls, or fancy woodwork.

  2. Leslie Hunt says:

    What??? Have you missed the point of this home, keep it simple. Glass block walls went out in the 70’s, shuttering glass went out in the 40’s or 50’s(please don’t bring it back) and fancy woodwork??
    What???The whole point of this home is to be jeans and a tee shirt fancy. It is beautifully created as it is. The only thing I would add, should it ever be my home, is more color. But that is just me.
    I applaud the owner’s ability to keep it simple. You can actually walk in, open your mind and say, Ahhhhh!

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