More on the Pool

The pool was inspired by seeing Donald Judd’s pool in his house in Marfa Texas. A raised pool changes from a flat object at your feet to a 3 dimensional form that also invites sitting on it. Why not go further and add fountains. So we did.

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The Bedrooms

The master bedroom at the end of the house has tons of natural light. All bedrooms have access to the covered outdoor living space.

The second bedroom.

The third bedroom also serves as the TV and reading room with the built in seating sleeping area.

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Landscaping is Fully Installed

My recent theme is not sure when a house project ends if ever…but that said we are trying hard to stop. The landscaping is complete and now its just welcoming the plants to their new home.

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Main Room and Covered Walkway

I wonder if a house is ever finished. My own answer is no. But the rooms are livable and we have just passed our final building department inspection. The furnishings are a collection resulting from years of saving things, along with just a few new purchases. If you start looking way ahead you can find deals and save lots of money.

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The Kitchen

The kitchen is ample in size.  Actually we are having a debate about whether we have made the kitchen too large.  There is more than enough storage even for trays.

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Bathrooms Are Coming Along

The two bathrooms use concrete (floor),  ceramic tiles (shower), and hanging, or cantilevered, cabinets.

We selected white 2″ square DAL tile and had a shelf built in the shower.

The guest bath has a translucent glass door to the covered walkway allowing outdoor access and light while preserving privacy.

The shower pan is incorporated into the slab.

Master bath has a shower and tub. The corner skylight above the tub brings lots of natural light into the room. The window is tight up against the wall.

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The Garden

The lot is approximately 100′ wide by 195′ deep.  With the house, septic leach mound, car parking, and setbacks the lot shrinks quickly. Our theme outside was less is more.

Lets go back and look at where we started.

Along with the house and pool, we have to incorporate the septic mound, a water tank, and a storage shed into the landscaping.

The 4 linden trees become the central divider between the covered walkway and the pool. The idea for the linden tree came from a trip last summer to the south of France (shown below).

The covered walkway/porch, the trees, the raised pool!

This is the leach field. Most conventional septic mounds look like mounds plopped in the middle of a lot or on the side — they look unnatural and ugly. We have a different idea.  Turn the mound into a garden feature.  Build a rock wall and slope the backside to make it look natural.

We like the look and feel of gravel. Water conservation rules limits the use of grass.

The rock wall nearing completion.

Limited use of grass to conserve water usage.

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